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We provide services for the following purposes :

Financial Statements & Reports :
(a) Compliance with Accounting Standards :
Financial Statements cannot be described as complying with the Accounting Standards unless they comply with all the requirements of each applicable Standard.
Some of the related ASs :-
(i) Accounting Standard (AS) 10, ‘Accounting for Fixed Assets’ ( Tangible Fixed Assets ),
(ii) Accounting Standard (AS) 28, ‘Impairment of Assets’ : Came into effect in respect of accounting periods commencing on or after 1-4-2004. This Standard is mandatory in nature in respect of accounting periods commencing on or after 1-4-2004 for Level - I Enterprise, 1-4-2006 for Level - II Enterprise & 1-4-2008 for Level - III Enterprise, i.e. from 1-4-2008 it is applicable to all SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises).
(b) Compliance with Company Law :
Ensuring compliance with the Accounting Standards while preparing the financial statements is the responsibility of the management of the enterprise. Statutes governing certain enterprises require that the financial statements should be prepared in compliance with the Accounting Standards, e.g., the Companies Act, 1956 (section 211), and the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (Preparation of Financial Statements and Auditor’s Report of Insurance Companies)Regulations, 2000.

Taxation, Duties & Fees :
(a) Taxation - For Capital Gain Tax, Wealth Tax, Gift Tax, Property Tax (Rating) , Repatriation of foreign exchange against sale of an asset.
(b) Duties - Stamp Duty, Estate Duty, Import & Export Duties,
(c) Fees - Court Fees, Registration Fees.

Bank / Financial Institutes :
To estimate fair market value of a collateral/primery security for financial facilities like loan, bank gaurantee, L.C., solvency, etc. Sale / transfer of NPAs. Transfer of financial facility/loan - account from one bank to another, public auction of assests, etc.

Company Affairs :
In the event of Merger/Demerger, Acquisition, Take-Over, Joint Venture or Valuation of a Goining Concern, etc. for corporate / non-corporate entities. Admission / retirement of partners or dissolution of partnership.

Compulsory Acquisition & Compansations :
For Compulsory Acquisition under Land Acquisition Act or u/s 269 of Income Tax Act.

Partition/Divorce :
Partition of family or business enterprise. Seperation in marital status and divorce procedings.

Legal & Disputes :
Arbitration, probate, will, damages, losses, to assess lessor's and lessee's interest, compansation, sale/purchase of rights/esmantes, rent fixation, mesne profit, public auction, court procedings, etc.

Insurance :
Estimation of replacement cost and reproduction cost, risk assessment, estimation of depreciation, expected future life, loss/damage assessment, etc.

Other Purposes :
For personal purpose, visa, solvency certificate, wealth certificate, subsidy claims, royalty fixation, revaluation to update balance sheet, financial valuation and advisory, for prior permission from the charity commissioner or registrar of co-op society before disposal of an asset, etc.